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Imagine, you have your private boat trip in Menorca booked, your swimming costume ready, your towel, your mobile phone… but, suddenly you have doubts just hours before starting the excursion, will we need anything else on the boat? What clothes, shoes and articles should I bring? What are the basic things to include in my suitcase? Well, don’t worry, at Nautic Charter Menorca we tell you in detail, your private boat trips with skipper in Menorca will be a success following the 5 tips we offer you.

1. Sun protection on boat trips

It seems obvious, but we often forget the sun cream, in fact they are one of the most common oversights, with the rush and the preparations, we arrive at the boat and … oops! …. the cream… and, above all, you have to protect yourself from UVA rays. Safety is not negotiable and sun cream is a safety element for our skin that is not included in the private boat trips in Menorca, so we must remember to put it in the suitcase or luggage bag.

2. Booties or flip-flops?

Another basic question is what type of footwear to wear on the boat. It is important to know that you cannot wear the usual street shoes on the boat, such as trainers, shoes and, of course, heels. The most comfortable and usual way to go inside the boat is simply barefoot, so flip-flops will be useful to get to the boat and take off your shoes comfortably and quickly. But on the other hand, when we get to the beaches or rocks where we want to get off to take our photos and swim, it is highly recommended to wear some booties. With booties we avoid cuts, sea urchin spikes, spider fish stings on the soles of our feet and it is very comfortable to walk on the rocks and go on land excursions. If you want to know more about safety visit the article “Safety on boat trips” in our blog.

3. What food to bring?

Another question that arises is what to take for lunch, will there be anything on the boat, and what about drinks? Here we have to be a bit forward-thinking, but also to know or ask specifically what is included and what is not included in the private boat excursions. Well, in our case, in the 8 hour private boat excursions in Menorca we include a snack of local products that at midday, after swimming and spending energy is very appetizing, but it may not be enough as a main meal and it doesn’t have to be extensive enough to last all day. It is advisable to bring a homemade sandwich, some biscuits for the afternoon and above all fruit, as it is hydrating and healthy. As for drinks, our private boat trips include several drinks (1 litre of water per person and 4 soft drinks), which is more than enough to keep you hydrated for the day. It is very important to let the staff know if you have any food intolerance. If you would like more information about the products we serve on our excursions, please visit the entry “Our local snacks”.

4. Biodramine, the solution for boat trips without seasickness

Another factor that everyone forgets and that can ruin a day that was meant to be unforgettable. Nobody is exempt from getting seasick, it can happen, in fact it does happen and believe me, it ruins the day. Luckily, Biodramine is included in our private boat trips in Menorca. The important thing is that before starting the excursion you inform the skipper that there is a risk of seasickness, prevention is essential, so if it can be avoided, don’t hesitate, ask us for it. It is the responsibility of the clients to know if they can or cannot take the medication in a normal way.

5. Clothing and technology on boat trips

What should I wear? Well, it will depend on a few factors, whether you are cold or not and what the day is like. It is usual to take a swimming costume, T-shirt, cap, sunglasses, towel and the rest of the items mentioned above, but it is a good idea to add a scarf or a long-sleeved T-shirt for the return trip. After an intense day of sun and activity, on the return trip the air tends to get colder and you may feel a bit chilly. Not to mention the children, who end up exhausted and tend to be cold when we get back in the afternoon. For this reason, it is a good idea to add a warmer top layer. What about my mobile phone, can I charge it? Yes, as long as you bring the charger cable and it has a USB connection, no problem.

Although all the recommendations seem to be very obvious, it is common that there are some unforeseen problems to solve, for example, in the private boat trips to Pregonda  that we do in Nautic Charter, all these elements are essential and very useful to enjoy the excursion. If you have any doubts you can contact us and we will solve them.

Can you think of anything else you think might be useful on boat trips? Write us a comment below to let others who visit the post know about it.

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