There are two types of common jellyfish in Menorca

The Pelagia noctiluca jellyfish is a common species in the Mediterranean, and its sting can be painful and even dangerous in some cases. However, Fried Egg jellyfish are not dangerous, since their tentacles are tiny and they are not dangerous. If you are ever in the water and feel like you have been stung by a jellyfish, here are some steps you can take to relieve the pain and reduce the effects of the sting.

The first thing you should do is get out of the water as soon as possible. If you are on a beach with a lifeguard station, seek their help so they can provide you with immediate treatment. If there is no rescue station nearby, seek medical help as soon as possible. If it is not possible to seek medical attention immediately, you can treat the bite on the spot.

The first thing is to rinse the affected area with sea water. Never use fresh water, as this can aggravate the bite. Be sure to rinse the affected area thoroughly for at least 15 minutes.

Next, it is important to remove any remains of tentacles that may have been stuck to your skin. Use gloves or any object you can find to remove them carefully, trying not to touch them directly with your hands. If you don’t have access to gloves or an object, try scraping them with a card or smooth stone. If you can’t remove them completely, don’t worry, continue with the treatment.

Next, apply white vinegar to the affected area. Vinegar is a remedy used to treat jellyfish stings, as it helps neutralize the nematocysts (the stinging cells of jellyfish) that remain stuck in the skin. Soak a compress or gauze in vinegar and place it on the bite for at least 30 seconds.

After applying vinegar, you can apply a cold compress to the affected area to relieve pain. You can also take an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce pain.

Request telephone and hospital help if necessary

If the bite is very serious, seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of a serious bite may include severe pain, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and irregular heartbeat. In extreme cases, hospitalization may be necessary. We leave you the telephone numbers and addresses where you can go if you need professional help immediately:

      • Central emergencies with any type of emergency: 112
      • Medical Emergencies: 061
      • Hospital Mateu Orfila in Mahón | Malbúger Round, 1 | Telf. 971487000
      • Very complete guide on jellyfish, their dangers and preventions:



      How to avoid contact with jellyfish

      Remember that the best way to avoid a jellyfish sting is to prevent contact with them in the first place. If you are going to swim in areas where there are jellyfish, wear a wetsuit and long pants to protect your skin. You can also apply DEET-based insect repellent to exposed areas of skin.

      On private boat excursions with Nautic Charter Menorca skipper we have information and training on how to deal with these cases. We also suggest that to complete your safety at sea and in the summer season, you review the things you should take into account things you should take into account for a smooth day on the boat.

      In conclusion, if you are ever stung by a Pelagia noctiluca jellyfish, don’t panic. Follow the steps mentioned above to treat the bite and seek medical attention if necessary. Remember that it is best to prevent jellyfish stings in the first place, so take steps to avoid contact with them whenever possible.

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