Menorca is an island whose coast is adorned by a large number of lighthouses, seven in particular, although not all of them have the same historical and heritage importance, all of these lighthouses have guided sailors along the coast of Menorca over the years. . These lighthouses are witnesses of the history and culture of the island, and are an important part of Menorca’s heritage. The population of the Island and its visitors are faithful visitors to these places in search of a spectacular landscape, a sunset or a good souvenir photograph. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the main lighthouses in Menorca, including their location, curiosities and how you can visit them.

Favaritx Lighthouse

The Favàritx Lighthouse is one of the most iconic lighthouses in Menorca, located on the north coast of the island, it is very popular with the population of Mahón on the days of Tramontana in winter, it is truly wonderful to see the angry sea in said lighthouse. Also in summer it is another point of visit for tourists looking for a photograph in one of the most iconic places in Menorca. The coast on which it is located is geologically formed by slate. The Favaritx lighthouse was built in 1922 and is located in an area of cliffs and wild landscapes, which makes it a very picturesque place. It has a height of 28 meters, making it one of the highest in Menorca. There is a small museum inside that can sometimes be visited in winter by appointment.

By land you can reach it via the Mahón-Fornells road, by sea, it is located between the beaches of Cala Tortuga, Cala Presili and the Mongofre Beaches, its access by sea is only reserved for boats that make excursions in the area. .

Cavalleria Lighthouse

The Cavalleria Lighthouse is also located in the northern part of the island past Fornells on the Cavalleria peninsula. The cliffs on which it is located are truly spectacular, with natural caves and an old powder magazine in some of them. It has a shop where you can buy souvenirs from your time in Menorca. In the lighthouse area and its surroundings, wild goats abound and the sparse and rugged vegetation announces that when the north blows in winter it is a place where it is better not to be. It was built in 1857, its tower has a height of 15 meters, it is especially important due to the number of shipwrecks that have occurred in the area.

To reach it by road you must first reach Fornells, either along the Fornells road or through Mercadal. By sea you can arrive by private boat with a skipper from Fornells, it is located between the bay and the Island of S’anitja or dels Porros. The closest beach to it is Cala Viola, a small beach but of stunning beauty.

Hundreds of people gather at the Cavallería lighthouse every day in summer to say goodbye to the day. The sunset is impressive since it can be seen several meters above sea level. If you want to see a unique sunset this is one of the places to go.

Artrutx Lighthouse

The Artrutx Lighthouse is located on the south coast of the island, in the Ciudadela area. It was built in 1858 and its tower is 45 meters high. Along with this, this lighthouse is especially interesting because it is located in an area of cliffs providing impressive views. It is a quite rugged area and close to it are the most spectacular beaches in the south of Menorca, in the Ciudadela area.

To get to it by land you have to go along the main road to Ciudadela and through the ring road to the Lighthouse, it is a very busy area in summer.

Isla del Aire Lighthouse

The Illa de l’Aire Lighthouse is located in the south of Menorca, in front of the Punta Prima beach and on the small island of l’Aire. It was built in 1860 and its tower is 37 meters high. In addition, this lighthouse is especially important because it is located in an area of strong currents and winds, difficult for navigation in winter. On the island there is an endemic species of black lizards, there are thousands of them. Currently, disembarkation to the island is restricted for groups larger than six people. It is a lighthouse that must be visited from the sea, and you can take advantage of it to snorkel in its surroundings.

Punta Nati Ligthouse

The Punta Nati Lighthouse is another of the most famous lighthouses in Menorca. It is located at the northwest end of the island, near Ciutadella. It was built in 1912. A curiosity about the Punta Nati Lighthouse is that it is one of the best places to see the sunset in Menorca. From there, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sun sinking into the sea. Without a doubt, this is the best place to enjoy the sunset. Except for this, the area is very rugged and there are no notable beaches around it.

Our company and the Lighthouses

The Nautic Charter Menorca company offers private boat excursions with a skipper, and one of the options they offer is a visit to the lighthouses of Menorca. During the excursion, clients can enjoy stunning views of the sea and the coast. There is a web link for all the Balearic lighthouses  in which activities and tours that can be done on land are specified.

In addition, Nautic Charter Menorca offers other services related to nautical tourism, such as boat rental, excursions to Ciudadela Beaches  and remote Northern Beaches and Sunsets.

We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism, and work in collaboration with local authorities to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the island.

In conclusion, the lighthouses of Menorca are places of great tourist and cultural interest, and visiting them is a unique experience. Thanks to companies like Nautic Charter Menorca, it is easy to access them and learn more about their history and their importance in maritime navigation.


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