Isla del Aire in Minorque, biodiversity and paradise

Isla del Aire, paraíso en Menorca



Isla del Aire, a paradise in Menorca

The environment of Isla del Aire is spectacular. From the sea you can see its imposing lighthouse that stands at the highest point of the island, it is one of the seven lighthouses of Menorca. In addition, its crystal clear waters and white sands that surround part of the island are a true paradise for snorkeling lovers.

Atypical lizards

A species of lizard endemic to the island lives on Isla del Aire, the lizard Podarcis lilfordi. This species is in danger of extinction and is protected by environmental legislation. During a visit to the island, it is possible to see these incredible reptiles, there are thousands of them throughout the island, always maintaining a safe distance so as not to disturb them.

But the Isla del Aire is not just a terrestrial paradise. In its waters we can find a wide variety of marine species, from algae to fish of considerable marine wealth, including octopuses and starfish. In addition, it is possible to spot dolphins and other species of cetaceans such as sperm whales around the island.

How to visit Isla del Aire

Nautic Charter Menorca is a company that offers boat excursions to visit Isla del Aire and other areas of the south coast of Menorca. These excursions are ideal for snorkeling lovers, as they allow them to discover the wonders hidden under the sea in this area of the island.

In addition to Isla del Aire, during these excursions it is possible to visit other beaches on the south coast of Menorca, such as Cala Binibeca or Cala en Porter, and you can even reach the wonderful Macarella and Macarelleta. These beaches stand out for their crystal-clear waters and white sands, making them the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

In short, Isla del Aire is a must-see for those seeking to discover the authentic natural beauty of Menorca. And if you want to enjoy the experience to the fullest, Nautic Charter Menorca boat excursions are an excellent option to discover the secrets of this area of the island, whether in the water or on the coast.

Article written by Gabriel Orfila Pons on April 2, 2023

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