Places you will discover on the Route along the North coast of Menorca

Majestic Port of Mahón and its secrets

The Port of Mahón is the second largest natural harbour in the world after Pearl Harbor, it contains a total of five islets, several coves, colonial houses, fortifications, ancient cemeteries, English cannons, contemporary art museums and a history of English and French colonization among other Mediterranean cultures. Just being able to go out on a skippered boat in this fantastic enclave is enough to guarantee that you will get to know an important piece of Menorca’s history, which will be explained to you in great detail by the skipper of the boat.

Nooks of the North coast: es Clot de la Mola, es Murtar and Cala Mesquida

Just outside the mouth of the mouth on the left (port side) you can see the cliffs of La Mola, a place of fortifications built by Queen Isabel II and which served as a defence for the Port of Mahón and the city. Es Clot de la Mola is the first cove and one of the most popular with the locals and fishermen who want to fish or go for a swim.

Behind the cliffs of La Mola, already on the north coast, we find Es Freus, a place of large rocks and slate cliffs that have suffered the sway of countless Tramontana storms. However, in this area it is interesting to go snorkelling, and for lovers of incredible seabeds, its depths will take your breath away. Nearby, the first small civilisation can be seen, it is an urbanisation called Es Murtar.

The next cove is Cala Mesquida, the closest beach to Mahón, it is very visited by the locals due to its proximity to the city, it has coarse sand and semi rocky bottoms, it is a family place where Mahonese families spend the summer. It is a family place where Mahonese families spend the summer. It is a safe place for children to grow up and play with the gang.

First stop by boat: Illa Colom

After a while of sailing and the previous places, we arrive at a magical place, the village of Es Grau and in front of it, the Illa Colom. Es Grau is inhabited all year round, its beach is perfect for children and babies as it is very shallow and in the bay of the urbanisation a large number of small private boats of resident families congregate to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Illa Colom and the boats of local fishermen.

Illa Colom is a small island located off the coast of Es Grau, accessible by boat or kayak. This uninhabited island is a perfect place for nature lovers, as it has a great variety of bird species and impressive Mediterranean vegetation.

Visitors can enjoy crystal clear, shallow blue waters and beaches such as La Solitaria, Els Tamarells and Platja de s’Illa, also home to many fish, posidonia seaweed and a variety of marine and terrestrial fauna. It is a perfect opportunity to practice water sports such as snorkelling and scuba diving in its crystal clear waters. This is the first stop on the boat to swim, rest and have a snack for the rest of the crossing.

Second stop: several beaches they didn’t know, La Rambla, Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili

After the first stop and a dip in the sea, it is time to discover several beaches in the area, most of which are unknown but which will surprise you with their beauty and uniqueness. This is La Rambla, a small beach located behind the defence tower of the same name. The crystalline and calm waters, without any buildings except for a small hut for fishermen, are only visited by boat and by the Cami de Cavalls hikers. After La Rambla, we sail to two jewel beaches, Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga. They are located at the foot of the Favaritx lighthouse, their blue waters are the bluest that can be seen in the north and contrast with the slate stone that surrounds the area. It is undoubtedly a place marked as a great discovery for all who visit it. These places can only be reached by boat or by following the Cami de Cavalls along the North Coast.

Favaritx lighthouse, a fine guardian of the North coast

This lighthouse is one of the most iconic lighthouses in Menorca, it is very popular with the people of Mahón on Tramontana days in winter, it is a real marvel to see the sea raging against the lighthouse. In summer it is also a popular spot for tourists looking for a photograph in one of the most iconic places in Menorca. The coast where it is located is geologically formed by slate. The Favaritx lighthouse was built in 1922 and is located in an area of cliffs and rugged landscapes, which makes it a very picturesque places, with a height of 28 metres.

How long is the whole journey seen so far?

If what we have just told you appeals to you and you are interested in the possibility of taking this boat route with skipper along the north coast of Menorca, you should know that it can be done in about four hours of navigation and a boat properly equipped for it. It is also possible to do it in a day of eight hours of duration in which you will be able to enjoy more time in each area and extra places as well as beautiful as those that I tell you below.


Would you like to visit something else? We suggest two authentic virgin paradises: Cala Mongofre and Sa Llosa des Macar.

That’s right, both are virgin places, inaccessible by land and not to be missed if you are in the area by boat. However, to visit them on a boat with a skipper, you will have to book an eight-hour excursion, as you will need eight hours not only to get there but also to enjoy these unique enclaves. 

Cala Mongofre is a paradise of three beaches of coarse sand and beautiful yellow and red colours, its seabed is turquoise and its cliffs and dunes are virgin and without human traces. It is a place to which you have to use a boat or request permission from the owner of the Mongofre estate, as the beaches are public but the access is private. It is perfect for children and families.
Sa Llosa des Macar, situated past the port of Addaya and S’arenal den Castell, is located at the bottom of a cliff inaccessible to pedestrians and hikers. Its waters are authentic liquid crystal with a clear blue background and fine white sand, there are several small beaches and coves with the same characteristics, it is a unique place.
These last two places are truly spectacular and you can enjoy them with our eight-hour boat trips with skipper along the north coast of Menorca.
In short, the boat trips with skipper along the north coast of Menorca are a very good and exciting option for the fun they offer and the diversity of places and landscapes that you will be able to see and enjoy. At Nautic Charter Menorca  we always say that the amount of places and sites that you will visit in a single day on a private boat with skipper is more than double the amount that you would visit in a vehicle, on foot and with a guide on land in three days in a row. Therefore, going by boat is an effective and efficient choice for the best holiday in Menorca. 

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