Is it advisable to take boat trips around Menorca with children?​

Of course yes, boat excursions around Menorca with children are one of the most recommended activities if you are visiting the island. You may have questions such as: Which boat is most recommended for them and the family? Is a boat trip through Menorca with children a good idea? Is the boat safe enough for everyone? These are some of the logical questions if you are not familiar when deciding to book a family excursion with the little ones. We offer you the answers to all these questions here, keep reading.

Family values ​​and security

At Nautic Charter Menorca we take family very seriously and just because there are little ones at home does not mean you have to deprive yourself of carrying out activities such as a boat trip with children. The excursions are prepared so that anyone of any age can enjoy them. The boat is a seven-meter boat, very comfortable and well prepared to enjoy with the family. The little ones will have a great time when the boat is sailing because it is a very agile boat and they will not get bored, they will be able to see new places and they will be able to swim. , play paddle games on the beach, go paddle surfing or snorkeling in the places we visit.

Safety on the boat is not negotiable, it is strictly adhered to. The boat has life jackets for children and babies that must be worn during the voyage regardless of whether they know how to swim. The height of the ship’s bulkheads is sufficient to safeguard the safety of a child. The boat’s solariums are perfect for them to play and the boat has a swimming ladder so they can climb up easily.

The best options for boat excursions in Menorca

If you want to know about boat excursions around Menorca with children that can satisfy you, at Nautic Charter we are specialists, the family is our pillar and our excursions such as the four-hour ones are perfect for them. We also have eight-hour  excursions along the coves of the coast of Menorca or to more remote places that the whole family may love, such as the Private Boat Excursion to Pregonda or the Beaches of Ciudadela.

In addition to the safety elements of the boat, you must have the most typical belongings necessary for an excursion with children, sun cream, hats, swimsuits, towels, food, to know in detail each of these elements and if you will need them or not. Not in the excursion, I suggest you read Boat excursions What should we bring? where we discuss this topic in more detai

FAQs: here you have all the answers

If you need more answers, we invite you to visit our FAQwe have all or almost all the answers, both about our routes, our boat and excursions with children.

Contact us and we will tell you

After all this information, there are no excuses to live an unforgettable day with the little ones on our boat and one of our excursions. Contact us for more information.

If you want to know more things you can do in Menorca with children, we recommend that you consult our posts, for example, where to snorkel in Menorca or where to eat the best stew in Fornells, it will guide you and help you with more activities to do.

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